Terms of Service

Acceptance of Terms: By using Lady Graphic Studio products you agree to abide by your terms of service.

Intellectual Property Rights: All graphic rights available at Lady Graphic Studio are reserved and users are granted a limited license for personal or commercial use as outlined in the licensing terms.

Use of GraphicsLady Graphic Studio graphics can be used for personal use and have a royalty-free limited commercial license included. Customers may use the graphics to create new designs for web projects, print and print on demand projects. However, graphics can NOT be shared or resold "as is". Graphics may not be used to create templates sold in Canva, Etsy or other 3rd party sites. 

License Restrictions: Do not share, resell graphics, or sell Lady Graphic Studio graphic assets "as is" including distributing, sublicensing, or modifying the graphics beyond the terms of the license. Users may not create templates to be sold on Canva, Etsy or other 3rd party graphic and editing sites. Do not use Lady Graphic Studio assets to promote hateful, discriminatory, or in any unlawful and harmful way.

Purchasing and PaymentWe accept payments in USD currency. Some applicable taxes may apply. Once a purchase has been made, a link with your graphics will be sent instantly to your email. Due to the nature of digital downloads, payments are non-refundable once the digital files have been downloaded.

Instant Download ProcessUsers will receive their download links to their email given at checkout. Support is available for any technical requirements for accessing the files.

Refund and Return Policy: Due to the nature of digital downloads, payments are non-refundable once the digital files have been downloaded. Please reach out for support for any issues that may be encountered and we are happy to assist.

Disclaimer: While Lady Graphic Studio uses traditional editing softwares to create graphics, some graphics were created, edited and altered into derivatives using AI technology. Some graphics were edited and created into derivatives from vintage images curated from the public domain. 

Limitation of Liability: Lady Graphic Studio will not accept liability for any damages, losses, or issues arising from the use of graphics including errors, interruptions, or inaccuracies.

Termination of Access: Lady Graphic Studio holds the right to terminate a user's license to use our graphics for violating the terms of service.




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