Welcome! I am DcJ Artist, the creator of Lady Graphic Studio Muse. I have been a mixed media and graphic artist/designer for twelve plus years now! I have always had a love for french vintage nostalgia (held on maybe from a past life...lol). I lovingly create and color curate these french inspired graphic collections. I am also a mixed media artist with a focus in oil painting. Further, this year I assisted with social media promotion at our local Gallery in my city. My paintings are abstract in theme and offers an expressive shabby chic style. As time allows, I will be including my mixed media art and converting them into digital graphics. 

mixed media art by lady graphic studio

 You can find my Mixed Media Art on my Instagram page.


I also love creating music! I am a singer songwriter and sound designer. Here is a sample of both my sound design and 3d motion graphic designs put into my  Artisan Reel. 


As I create graphic collections as a hobby, my day job is working as an Education Assistant in our local school district with children who have diverse needs. I also devote much of my time to my children. It is all a fine balance...lol.

Creating these nostalgic collections brings much joy to my artist expression and I am thankful you have found yourself here to help support my shop or find inspiration for yourself!  Thank you!

Sincerely, DcJ Artist- Lady Graphic Studio Muse

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A sample of Paris Chic Invitations using the "Parisian Tea" Graphic Collection

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